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The Paradigm Effect (2010)
Commissioned by CultureLiverpool and MDI (Merseyside Dance Initiative) as part of their 10x10 project, aimed at promoting contemporary / traditional dance, on Merseyside.


Working with Liverpool Improvisation Collective, we created a piece not in line with the usual dance photography. This is a lenticular. It 'comes alive' when the viewer interacts / moves around it.
I wanted to go into the inner movements of dance. Go through 'the minds eye' and beyond, to truly explore the synergy between the undeniable truth in a still photograph (legacy) AND the truth of physical movement. This, combined with the third participant in the work - the viewer - brings forth an experience that can only be seen 'in the moment' when confronted by the work - the same as in a 'live' dance performance. You, the viewer, are dancers / performers in this event, as well.


Motionless moments, 'timesliced'. Frozen with their bodies in mid thought, between movement, suspended in space. Caught in the improvised thought of physical flow, of the next, to into and through each. In and around with opacity of colour, revealing the 'timeslice' merged with flowers, they, themselves, 'timesliced'. Both the physical and psychological growing within and without, with form and texture. Thought and body floating through colour, emerging from spectrum into the physical un/reality.
'Between' moments that 'pass fleetingly', floating transition of colour which bares our soul. An exploration of space and 'stilled' movement as each sector represents a different theme.

Lenticular print
100cm x 100cm

Lenticular = Multi-phase animation where one image transforms into another (print)