Matthew Thomas | Watch My Lips
Photography, Art, Fine-Art, London, Liverpool, Gallery,
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Watch My Lips

Watch My Lips Three 9
Watch My Lips Three 22
Watch My Lips Three 20
Watch My Lips Three 10
Watch My Lips Three 2
Watch My Lips Three 14
Watch My Lips Three 17
Watch My Lips Three 16
Watch My Lips Three 13
Watch My Lips Three 1
Watch My Lips Three 23
Watch My Lips Three 15

Watch my lips
Commission / Client: The Bluecoat, Liverpool.

Continous development of original imagery shot for a commission from the Bluecoat + Nigel Charnock dance theatre project ‘Watch my Lips’.

Sex and all its fundamental desires. Domination of the psyche. Of each other, in a battle of wills. Narcissism, of the highest order. These images supplant that which we endure, natures bestial complexes. Ongoing.

The development of visual idea / narrative over a period of fifteen years, from the benign to a ‘visual stress’. How far, will it lose its meaning, does this matter? From one image to another, from one idea to an altogether different one, who is the author? The image? the director? the photographer? the idea? This series demonstrates how far we can strip one meaning into an entirely different one and still, each series remains powerful in its own right.

This is the development of ideas from one formal.
Over a series of years I have changed and rechanged the original meaning.
It is an organic spontaneous ongoing process.

Starting in 1996, I return to these images very 5 years. This is in response to my growth as a person and in response to this theatre work.
A kind of ‘Found / Staged and Constructed’ photographic art depicting a straight / LGBT world.

Giclée prints on Hahnemühle : Photo Rag Satin
310 gsm · 100% Cotton · white satin-finish